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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Been published dark dark

Quite fun and challenging, as are online electricity suddenly down and feeling pretty annoying. However, what the ... this is a situation that county is part of the unity of the Republic of Indonesia.
PLN Sungai Penuh Kerinci regency of Jambi province has done extinction for years. Since before Suprapto or after the head of PLN Purnawarman River Full or until the current extinction is ongoing.
No sign of the normal distribution of electricity. Never did report to PLN Jambi, Padang, PLN Jakarta, Jakarta various State institutions, as well as on state officials, but still only condition in Kerinci PLN inhibition and extinction during the evening.
Confusing when PLN to extinction during the day up to 3 hours, even up to 5 hours, then continued at night for 6 hours to 8 hours., This Kerinci electrical conditions within 24 hours. By analyzing the logic seems there's something wrong in your body that seemed to PLN institutions seem inhuman.
Therefore, extinction is harmful to society, deadly characteristics of small and medium entrepreneurs. So how customers want to pay the electric bill that "no time with no blackouts".