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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Market drum and young coconut

Visiting the market or market mambo drum is part of the afternoon activities of citizens before the break the fast. The region is quite crowded market of visitors from various parts of the area of Kerinci district is located city center Sungai Penuh Kerinci.
Sideline to stop the "Kincai Plaza" to find models the latest clothes or shoes because it coexists with mambo market that provides a variety of typical regional foods for iftar quite practical and accessible visitors. Community can meet the various menus are ready to eat food of this market, usually every month ramadhan this market it operates.
Mambo market finished, we headed to the Village Land District is an area that specializes in young coconut. There are several rows of houses seen the children and their parents are busy serving customers' activities in buying young coconuts. Sales of young coconut Ramadan last month alone.